A Brief Introduction to Elephant Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a part of mankind. In fact, even before gold or diamonds were discovered, people of the ancient era already made use of jewelry as ornaments or functional items. However, the jewelry they considered before is not like that manufactured today.

The first ever use of jewelry dates back to 25,000 years ago, where fish bones were used in the making of the item. This was found in Monaco and dates back during that time. Although not made of semi-precious or precious stones during ancient times, fish bones, stones and shells were the materials most commonly used. It also served a different purpose before. If today jewelry is used as an accessory or a precious gift to be given during special occasions or milestones, back then jewelry was used to drive away bad spirits or to protect people when hunting.

Not until the 1300s did people start using gold for making jewelry. At the time gold was discovered, the ancient Egyptians started using the metal for ornaments and the main material in building statues of their gods.

There is one animal that would dominate the form used in rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, and it is none other than the mighty elephant. The elephant is known in a lot of cultures especially in Asia as something rather special. It was believed to bring wisdom, prosperity, and stability. Many countries like Thailand, Egypt, India, and Africa have used the figure of the elephant in bracelets, charms, amulets, earrings, and necklaces to symbolize their different beliefs.

One such belief is found in Hinduism. One of the Hindu gods named Ganesh (or Ganesha) is an image of a person with an elephant head. Ganesh is one of the most revered gods in India because he is the Lord of Good Fortune. He is also the god for beginnings and success. Because of this belief, many Indian households and establishments use the image of Ganesh to welcome good luck. They have made Ganesh into statues and pendants to always have good luck by their side.

Another is found in Africa, where several tribes make use of elephant necklaces and headdresses to show their religion. These tribes believe that the elephant is a sacred animal because it will connect them to the gods above. The elephant was seen to be the link of the world to heaven. If you are interested more in the history of elephant craft - click here.

As the years pass by, the image of the elephant has evolved and been used in many other types of jewelry. For some people today, elephants are a cute animal to put as a charm and so they have created their own jewelry out of it. Thailand also made the elephant their national animal and this is seen in vast numbers of beads or pendants that are available.

Below are just some of the types of elephant jewelry on sale today:

Antique Silver Plated Elephant Charms Pendants DIY for Jewelry Accessories

Elephant Charms

Some people who prefer to make their own jewelry are on the lookout for pretty elephant charms.

Although elephants are a common enough animal to be made into a bead, most bead stores do not have elephant charms.

This is why some DIY jewelry makers choose to go to online stores. Celadon sells silver elephant charms sized 12×14 mm, which is good for any chain bracelet or necklace.

To create your own unique look, elephant charms may be added to your favorite necklace or bracelet for an even more stunning result. Or, why not use your charm(s) to create a beautiful extra special gift for Mother’s Day?

Gold Elephant Ring

Rings are a subtle yet beautiful way to show a person’s fashion sense. There are a couple of elephant rings sold on AliExpress and one of the companies that sell them is Ajojewel. Ajojewel sells elephant rings that can range from sizes 6-10. Their elephant rings are colored gold with rhinestone finishes to accent the elephant. If you don’t want a gold-plated one, you can buy from iutopian which sells almost the same ring but in sterling silver.

Ajojewel US Size 6-10 Elegant CZ Elephant Ring Women Accessories Jewelry
Iutopian Brand Cute Little Elephant Vintage Retro Unique Ring for Women Anti Allergy Environmental Metal

Silver Elephant Bracelet | Elephant Hair Bracelet

Beautiful Elephant Hair BraceletsThere are many types of elephant bracelets, but there is one type that stands out from the rest. This is because it is made purely out of the elephant. What does this mean? Well, the elephant hair bracelet is a kind of bracelet that makes use of elephant hair which is knotted together. Elephant hair can be found on the elephant’s chin, eyes, and of course, the tail. Once they are knotted together, they are coated with either silver or gold. These are made from elephant hair from elephants in Africa and are usually sold as souvenirs.

However, if you aren’t into using elephant hair as jewelry, then you can simply buy a bracelet that has an elephant as a pendant. Dian Shang Kai Tuo Zhe sells charm bracelets that are made of sterling silver. They also have gold-plated bracelets featuring a 15-mm elephant charm. On the other hand, Sedmart sells strand bracelets using matte crystal beads. It has an antique elephant charm in the middle as seen below.

Gold Color Charms Bracelet Femme Stainless Steel Women Dainty Jewelry Lucky Origami Elephant Bracelets
Ethnic Matte Crystal Elephant Charm Bracelet For Women

Gold Elephant Earrings

Another stylish yet subtle way to show your love for elephants is through earrings. You’d think that there would be limited designs, but just search in AliExpress and you’ll see that you’re very much mistaken. Bonsny sells acrylic dangling earrings for a more boho feel. It features the head of an elephant in different colors. There are also earrings carved from wood. Similar to Bonsny, Natural Tree sells dangling elephant earrings. But if you aren’t into dangling earrings, Anka and Jaymaxi sell stud earrings with gold plated elephant figures.

Bonsny Cute Big Long Animal Acrylic Dangle Drop Elephant Earrings for Girls/Women
Elephant Wood Earrings (4 colors available)
ANKA Top Zirconia Luxury Cute Elephant Stud Earrings
Cute Little Baby Elephant Earrings

Elephant Pendant Necklace

An elephant necklace is a nice way to emphasize any piece of clothing. Whether it’s a gown or a shirt you’re wearing, necklaces draw attention to your chest and top. If you’re looking for a gold elephant pendant necklace, then NYUK is for you. They sell elephant pendants with gold-plated chains made from zinc alloy. U7 is also a good store to shop in at AliExpress. They sell both gold-plated and sterling silver chain necklaces with different elephant pendants. Some pendants are Africa inspired while some are Thai. 925 sterling silver elephant necklace also available.

NYUK Gold Elephant Pendant Necklace
U7 Gold Color Elephant Necklace Trendy Men Jewelry Charm

Silver Elephant Pendant Necklace | 925 Sterling Silver Elephant

Already mentioned above is U7 which has a lot of different designs for elephant necklaces. Another company you can look into is Bamoer, who sell sterling steel elephant necklaces with mother and baby elephant designs. But if you prefer to buy choker necklaces, then look to Anstory, who sells 925 sterling silver and silver-plated elephant chokers with several elephant heads as pendants.

Sterling Silver Cute Elephant Hug Pendant Necklaces
Antique Silver Plated Elephant Pendant Choker Necklace for Women

Save the Elephants Bracelet

If you’re not into bracelets that have beads, then you might want a plain link with just a pendant in the middle. Tarfree sells a number of save the elephants bracelets and what’s unique about this is that the charm doesn’t dangle like usual bracelets have. It somewhat resembles a watch.

New Fashion Ganesh Elephant Bracelet
Ganesh Indian God Bracelet

Cute Baby Elephant Jewelry

Last but not the least is baby elephant jewelry. This is simply the cutest among all because of the adorable images of baby elephants. RechicGu sells a mother-and-baby elephant necklace that can be silver or gold-plated. If you’re into a more tribal feel, then this is a great choice. But if you simply want a cute image of a baby elephant, then you can buy from Bluelans. They sell long necklaces with glittery baby elephants as the pendant.

Gold Silver African Elephant With Baby Necklace
Cute Rhinestone Baby Elephant Pendant Charm

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