About EJS

My name is Tara Stone and you’ve arrived at The Elephant Jewelry Store. I would like to give you a warm welcome and hope you get a lot out of being here and that you gain an insight into why I love elephants and what makes me passionate about this most amazing animal.

I chose elephants because I love them. They are absolutely splendid and I also love jewelry, so I decided to combine my two passions.

Peachy the ElephantThis site is a store in the making. Right now there is nothing to buy, but that will change as I build out the site.

My plan is to make it one of the biggest elephant jewelry stores on the internet. When complete, you will be able to buy all sorts of lovely elephant jewelry including:

Rings | Necklaces | Pendants | Bracelets | Earrings

So, it's really a masterpiece in the making – hope you love it!

Tara Stone