How to Make Your Own Elephant Jewelry

Jewelry-making can be done as a business venture or simply as a hobby. There are a lot of things you can do and only your imagination is the limit. You can create necklaces, bracelets and even earrings with just a few materials. What's good about making your own jewelry is that you can put your own inspiration and style into your work.

Elephants are one such example of inspiration. When it comes to jewelry, elephant images are no stranger to being used as pendants and charms because of their history and charming appearance. But before you dive into making your own elephant jewelry, you would need the basic materials for jewelry-making.

1. Flush Cutters

Flush cutters are a kind of wire cutters that are specifically used for making jewelry. When you cut a wire, the other part would be flat, like it was never cut at all, while the other part would be pinched. It's important that you get a flush cutter rather than a normal wire cutter because wire cutters give a tapered look to the two parts of the wire. This means that both edges would be pointed.

2. Crimping Pliers

You use crimping pliers to lock in the pendant or main bead in your jewelry. This would have to be accompanied by crimps which are beads or small tubes that you put right beside the pendant. So you use crimping pliers by first putting the crimp tube into the wire followed by the bead. Then fold the wire and insert it again into the crimp tube. Use the crimping pliers to pinch the crimp to secure the lock. This will give an elegant finish to your beads.

3. Beading Wire

Beading wire is one of the most common wires to use in jewelry. It comes in different measurements and thicknesses and it's best to know the difference between each so that you have a better idea of what matches the design you want. Beading wire is made up of several fine steel wires that are twisted together, capped off with a nylon coating. The nylon coating is important because it prevents the steel wires from tarnishing and deteriorating over time. Nylon coatings can have different colors and you're supposed to match those colors with the colors of the beads you'll use.

Make Your Own Elephant Jewelry

4. Beads

And now for the most awaited part, beads! When you have the other tools needed for jewelry-making, it's time to mix and match with beads. You can go to any DIY shop or an online shop to get the beads you want to use. While there are no rules for putting beads together, there are some beads that look well together. For example, if you have medium-sized beads, you can put them together and put a larger bead in the middle. You can also create a theme for them. In this case, we're looking at elephant beads because the inspiration for the jewelry we'll make are elephants.

You can use materials like semi-precious stone elephant beads to add a touch of elegance to your jewelry. Here is a list of shops that sell semi-precious stones carved as elephants online through AliExpress.

DoreenBeads - DoreenBeads have beige-colored elephant pendants and assorted colored elephant pendants made of coral that you can add to your bracelet or necklace. They’re around 15mm in length and the hole is around 2mm in diameter.

Coral Loose Beads Elephant Beige (15mm)
Coral Spacer Beads Elephant Mixed About (15mm)

Starella – Another bead company that you can buy from is Starella. Starella has elephant beads made from synthetic opal. They also sell elephant beads made from shells.

Juanquanjl - Juanquanjl offers a lot of both synthetic ivory and opal elephant beads. For the ivory charms, it has a range of different colors, from purple to green.

Ivory Elephant Opal Pendant for Necklace
Pink Elephant Murano Glass Beads Charm

There are also glass elephant beads you can buy online. Here are elephant beads that will fit 3 mm-wide bead wires. They come in both pink and red.

If you’re not into semi-precious stones or glass, you can simply use stone-carved beads of different colors from Celadon.

Elephant Synthetic Beads Loose Stone Spacer Bracelet
Elephant Multi-colored Beads for Necklace

But aside from beads, you can have elephants on your jewelry by just using a gold wire. Wires are not just used for stringing beads together because they can also be shaped to form different objects. One example is the elephant.
Here is an easy-to-do elephant figure using a gold wire.